My first writing projects were essays, both personal experience and educational. I did raise a family; and once I had some alone time I busted out with some poetry, for The Muse grabbed me and would not let me go for a few years. Next, I wrote songs for several years, very similar to poetry but more fun to perform, and share with others. At that time, in addition to submitting poetry and interpretive essays to e zines and magazines, I was writing a self help/psychology manuscript about the stage of adolescence. This was my first book length effort. It is a good manuscript, but a bit of a hard sell. Though the publishing industry has great potential as far as marketing and sheer numbers of books sold, it is very cautious.

Thus the nonfiction writer who is not already famous or otherwise well connected is obliged to prove that they, too, are somehow worthy of notice. Luckily we now have self publishing at our disposal, too. So I wrote and self published a collection of symbolic interpretations of film, Poetry in Motion: 19 Symbolic Reviews of Transformational Film. They are reviews in the sense that I comment on the stuff that your normal film reviewer cares about, but I also interpret the symbolism in the movies. All of the films chosen have an essay-worthy amount of symbolism involved; there is often a bit of symbolism here and there in all art forms, of course. And sometimes the symbolism is incorrectly used; I review three films in my book which are cases in point. To read an example of a symbolic film review of The Illusionist, [click here].

In Poetry, I include a wee bit of indirect counsel, for the transformational story is indeed a form of counsel. The myths of old are full of wisdom concerning the human journey; the collection we call Greek myth is positively astounding in this regard. The “fairy tales” I interpret are the same, and often include the same characters and other archetypes that are found in what we call myths. The end game to my counsel in general is self-empowerment. Self-empowerment follows from:

Understanding our conditioning and similarly

Understanding the human developmental process.

Developing both masculine and feminine powers (integration), part of the alchemical journey.

Removing ourselves from victim consciousness, the experience of being “done to”.

Reconnecting with the wisdom and guidance innate to Spirit, Nature, and our soul.

Reconnecting with the knowledge that we create our own realities, and therefore

Accepting the responsibility of cocreating our life, PERIOD. The word “cocreate” implies all of the countless supports and loving obstructions that we, as individuals and collectives both incarnate and metaphysical, contribute to a lifetime, from the ancestors to the trees, from the microbes that inhabit our gut to the highest powers of Creation. Though we learn to be the kings and queens of our lives, we are all in this together!

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