Hope you all had a lovely and loving Earth Day! I have been gathering some material along the lines of planetary service I’d like to share, and so I’m extending the day into Earth Week.

Like Buffy Sainte-Marie (last blog) it seems Tina Turner’s musical gifts are currently serving planetary enlightenment and upliftment. She has teamed up with a handful of women from different parts of the globe (as well as lots of other production folks, composers and musicians) to produce music that’s both religious/spiritual, and pretty classy, I’d say. They are all funded by a charitable foundation, Beyond Foundation. You should check out the site, here, because they have some superb videos posted there.

I’ll start by posting this video that lays the philosophical foundation of using music as a planetary enlightenment tool, and a window on the production of the recordings;


“Singing takes you beyond…”

And here’s one that spreads the message of the Mother, the power of Gaia’s love that does go beyond this earthly plane as the connecting, sinking, embracing energies we can all access. It’s a power found in all humans, in the trees, in the grain we eat, the soil we dig, the ocean’s roar, the falling rain…

I have nothing to add. As a musician and singer, I am deeply touched by this effort.