I blogged a little blog about destiny last week… isn’t there a song about that? Probably not. [smiley face] Anyway, the Destiny theme continues. Latest focus is stimulated by listening to an album I purchased of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s: The Age of Miracles. Nice title, huh? The song I’m referring to is We Traveled So Far. It talks about one great reason to press on with the whole destiny-finding-and-fulfilling thang; every moment in time is preceded by a very long set up, particularly if you include the whole idea of human history and family history and reincarnations and etc. This matter was expressed in one of my favorite scenes in the Wrinkle in Time film, when Mrs. Whatsit takes Meg’s face in her hands on the stone bridge and tells her to consider the countless choices and actions (and whatever else, I don’t know the exact quote) that led to her being born exactly as she is.

Chapin’s song puts it a bit differently, but the message is generally the same; to feel the love and depth of a human life, and in that to know that who we are and what we do DOES matter:

It’s worth it all learning at last
The future begins with the past
Step out of the shadow it casts
And let the sun shine on your shoes
Kick ’em off in the rain if you choose
There’s nothing like nothing to lose
We traveled
We traveled so far
We traveled
We traveled so far
We traveled so far to be here

Julie Miller wrote probably my all time favorite in this category, By Way of Sorrow. This song lent me solace many times in the past, its message loud and clear and directly focused on the matter of destiny:


And one more for the road, sung by the redoubtable Wailin’ Jennys, and much more than likely written by member Ruth Moody: You Are Here…

Like Carpenter and Miller, we’re asked to consider how what came before has made us wiser and therefore more real, in the Velveteen Rabbit sense.

Every darkened hallway
Every fallen dream
Every battle lost and
Every shadow in between
Will bring you to your knees and
Closer to the reason

And there’s no making cases
For getting out or trading places
And there’s no turning back
No you are here

And every sign of love
Every seed that’s growing
Every sweet surrender
To that silent knowing
Will bring you to your knees and
Closer to the reason

That silent knowing…

I was going to quit there, but just can’t resist adding Vienna Teng’s Shine. I know I’ve been on a Teng kick, but it just fits into the lineup so well…

Shine with all the untold

Hold the light given unto you

Find the love to unfold

In this broken world we choose…

Thanks for the wisdom ladies, and keeping us on track! Blessings on the day, and gratitude for these beautiful songs. Peace out!