That’s right, people. Glass shoes are not for sissies, either!

Actually the glass slipper thing in Cinderella is from Perrault’s version, and I use the Grimms’ telling, which uses golden shoes. However, there is good cause for people to get some glass shoes if they’re looking for enlightenment. And here is proof:

A glass shoe church in Taiwan! Wonder if there is a mythic reference there? One would assume so. Is the church underground? Or is it really just a shoe shrine? Haha- get it- shoe shine…Anyhoos… funny funny stuff

The guy with glass boots I’m talking about is starring in The Thirteenth Son of the King of Erin (click here for link to online version).

It’s a rather lovely Irish alchemical or “enlightenment” tale. A king sees a mother swan and 13 cygnets swimming, the mother pushing the one swan away from the group. A seer tells the king it’s a sign for him to do the same with his sons. So the last son gets the door shut in his face when the 13 come home for the night. He goes forth to wander the road, and ends up saving a princess from being devoured by a sea serpent.

Of course he accomplishes this by tasks which are alchemically ordered, i.e. largely referring to developing mastery of the 4 elements. Water is, of course, dominant in the story, and water is a feminine element. So, it’s often a challenge for women to manage their water element, especially in its aspect of grief. Same goes for men, too, in a lot of cases! Being devoured by a sea serpent usually symbolizes just that, being overwhelmed and utterly helpless to move out of water element emotional states. What you get there is basically what we call “depression”.

Jonah and the Whale by Pieter Lastman, 1583-1633

Is Jonah going in or out here? Out, I guess, since there’s no boat in sight. Anyway, same basic symbolism.

Well the fun thing about our thirteenth son is that, similar to the Grimms’ Iron John, he gets three costumes deeded him by giants, in which to battle the sea monster 3 times. Last time, here he is, wearing the third giant’s duds, featuring “as many colors as there are in the sky” (which would be all of the bright colors, since rainbows appear in the sky). He’s riding a red steed, and wearing blue glass boots. Pretty flashy! As in the story of Cinderella as well as Iron John, the king and princess don’t know the hero is secretly a humble person in their employ. So, when he leaves a blue glass boot behind, they look for the one who fits it, and Behold! The hero is revealed. So what’s the symbolism of the glass footwear, you say?

Glass is here representing crystals. Of course a lot of the physical is made of crystals, but we’re aiming for crystals that pass lots of light, since it’s pointing towards ethereal dimensions. Beyond or behind what we experience as physicality is just light. Of course the physical is relatively slow frequencies of light, too, but embodied humans experience it otherwise, since the human body is fitted with a different way of interpreting these particular frequencies of light.

So when folks talk about other dimensions, they often refer to the constructs thereof as ‘crystalline’.

In a crystalline reality, stuff’s not so solid in the sense of blocking light. So somebody wearing glass shoes is a reference to the fact that they have gone beyond the physical. They are aware of, moving into, straddling, embodying, understanding of, etc. etc. the realms beyond physicality! Shoes represent the way we “walk our path”.  So, we could say these glass shoes signify walking the metaphorical path of light. Which will of course have more actual light upon it, one would assume.

Pretty cool, huh?

So, like I said- dudes can wear glass shoes, you betcha hey.