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The latest theme in my life that keeps rearing its head is destiny, in the sense of everyone being here for a purpose (or maybe more than one). The trick is, of course, to figure the purpose out and then to connect with the feeling of destiny long and strong enough to fulfill it. Destiny is not a head trip, but in my culture most experiences that we deem “important” get coopted eventually by the intellectual mind. As a person with outsider and artistic inspiration, I can easily block myself by finding my creative aspirations intellectually belittled. Of course I’m not rare in this. I assume most humans have found their inspirations don’t measure up to the mind’s cost-effectiveness tests.

Then we lose our motivation, our desire. What to do?

One thing that can help me is to get back into the destiny zone via inspired and therefore inspirational art. I saw A Wrinkle in Time twice, before it left the theater here; lots of good destiny material there. In between, I watched one of my old favorites, Winter’s Tale, which, like Wonder Woman, features a tear-provoking tag lecture on the awesomeness of the human journey:

And how about some super awesome poetry? David Whyte is one of my all time favorites, and he’s coming out with a new one, as pictured above: The Bell and the Blackbird. Here he recites Everything is Waiting For You:

Certainly the intellectual mind and its spreadsheets tend to disconnect us, right? We forget the unity which characterizes that which we love, that which inspires us. Whyte’s new collection is named after a poem that asks is to remember connection, as well. An excerpt, from the email I received:

The sound of a bell

Still reverberating,

or a blackbird calling 

from a corner of a field,

asking you to wake

into this life,

or asking you deeper

into the one that waits.

Whyte is absolutely the contemporary king of this message. One who lived hundreds of years ago but still inspires us is my buddy Rumi. A Wrinkle in Time used one of his famous quotes: The wound is the place where the light enters you. Today I like this one: Live life as if everything were rigged in your favor. For that feeling is indeed a part of the feeling of destiny.

Take that, self critical thinking function!