Category: My Life

Pressing Matters

Ironing is among the various unfashionable behaviors I sport, though that verb probably doesn’t work unless I iron in the grocery store or the gym. I refer here to ironing as in pressing wrinkles out of fabric, or...

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Retro Is as Retro Does

Listen to this post below on SoundCloud I am definitely more than a little retro- in some ways. Like most of us, or at least most of us weird artistic ones, I am a strange combination of retro and its opposite. When referring to...

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Swimming Lessons

Listen on Soundcloud HERE The Swimming Lesson by Mary Oliver Feeling the icy kick, the endless wavesReaching around my life, I moved my armsAnd coughed, and in the end saw land. Somebody, I suppose,Remembering the medieval...

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Changing Clothes

Listen to this blog on SoundCloud Here’s one reason I don’t do things sometimes; I would have to change my clothes. Does that happen to you? I think it’s...

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