Buffy Sainte-Marie’s new album, Power In The Blood, comes out May 12.

Lately I’ve been wandering back in time; actually recent time, my life time. Usually I’m wandering much farther back than that!

I started wandering with a question about Mighty Mouse; a cartoon representative of the Hero archetype, which is pretty prevalent in my culture! And Mighty Mouse was my most memorable introduction to the hero. Then I thought of The Black Lodge Singers’ song about Mighty Mouse (listen at the end of this blog) and found it on YouTube. There I saw Buffy Sainte Marie, and wondered, What is Buffy doing these days?

Well she’s doing what every truly mature elder does; she’s using her powers to support the wise development of her people, which then naturally aids and supports our Earth Mother, for we are all Her people. Happy Earth Day!


The song is alchemical in nature, natch! The wind is, of course, one aspect of air element. Sainte Marie’s a warrior; she knows well the masculine elements of fire and wind. The cleverness and sheer word power of her songs would be one air element power. She is outthinking the opposition; she is removing the conditioned covering, the veil, from folks’ eyes. Look at her go! I want to be like her when I grow up. Actually I am not the activist warrior type.

What I love best about this song (aside from the alchemical references) is that it is designed to empower young people, though of course such wisdom is ALWAYS in support of the Whole. She talks about bending, flexibility, another air element skill. The “spirit of the wind” would include, in part, feeling and moving with something like a project or goal that appeals, that inspires, but it has no physicality to speak of. Going for a career objective that has no obvious financial security would be one common example of taking a chance on the spirit of the wind;

Down, in a hole/ You feel like two different people in your soul 

Feel like a loser, until you see

That as you bend you learn to be

Your own best friend

And you learn how and you learn when

To take a chance on the spirit of the wind

What I love second best about it is the young woman she teamed up with, Tanya Tagaq, Inuit throat singer. Tanya’s wordless channeling of… whatever, is undoubtedly a singing angle that would be very useful as a storyteller. And if I am not mistaken, her people astounded the Europeans back in the day with their ability to animate a story, to cast a magical story-spell, to create magic carpets. She uses bird voices and wind voices and in the doing of it, we can hear how these beings and elements “feel” from a human perspective. However, it’s undoubtedly a power that loses something in recording. It reminds me of the nature spirit channeling from other northern peoples, such as the Saami and their yoiking. There’s a TED talk of Tagaq performing her art. I love that she performs barefoot. 

Black Lodge Singers

For now I’ll follow up on the Hero subject, combined with a Native American theme, with The Black Lodge Singers, members of the Blackfeet Nation, from Washington state. Tagaq’s music lends itself to storytelling; the Singers’ lends itself to dancing…

Abbreviated lyrics, right? Who needs all those words, eh? They did an album of songs for children, with Mighty Mouse and Flintstones and more. Fun! And good for dancing! Mighty Mouse is, of course, an air element hero…