“Alchemy is no mere fantasy, but a philosophy applied to the world, to the elements, to the animals, and to man himself.”  -W.B. Yeats

Welcome to my website, where symbolic storytelling reveals its ancient counsel for human healing and enlightenment.

Using my symbolic interpretation superpower (yes, we all have superpowers), I make accessible the everyday wisdom that lurks in the soul centered storytelling arts- poetry and song, dream, myth, “fairy tale” and folktale, film, and more. I offer symbolic interpretation and counsel in the form of dream interpretation, film and fairy tale interpretation in my blog  and elsewhere .

Though symbolic interpretation may seem like high art in my mundane culture, its ultimate aim is humble; an invitation to explore human experience in depth, to peek behind the Wizard of Oz curtain. My interpretation of symbolic story isn’t esoteric navel-gazing, elitist snobbery, though esoterica can be loads of fun! Rather, using my symbolist superpower is my way of assisting the Earth through enriching, uplifting, and expanding humanity, one day and one life at a time, while gratefully standing on the shoulders of giants.

Whether you know little of the code-cracking art of symbolism, or whether you know plenty, I invite you to explore my peculiar angle on symbolic stories. My slant focuses, as I said, on revealing perennial wisdom and updating it to my culture. I call this coded wisdom everyday alchemy.

Everyday alchemy or everyday magic is not only for the few; it is available to all who are avidly asking big questions. It is empowering to realize that human life is indeed magical, not just a more or less meaningless shuffle to the grave. Everyday alchemy encourages the reclamation and development of the soul centered experience that is everyone’s birthright.

Colleen Szabo is a writer, symbolist, counselor, and graphic artist currently living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Academic credentials: summa cum laude Bachelor’s in Psychology from University of New Mexico, and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University, in Palo Alto, CA.