Month: April 2018

Buffy Sainte Marie and Black Lodge Singers; Air Element Heroes

Lately I’ve been wandering back in time; actually recent time, my life time. Usually I’m wandering much farther back than that! I started wandering with a question about Mighty Mouse; a cartoon representative of the Hero archetype, which is pretty prevalent in my culture! And Mighty Mouse was my most memorable introduction to the hero. Then I thought of The Black Lodge Singers’ song about Mighty Mouse (listen at the end of this blog) and found it on YouTube. There I saw Buffy Sainte Marie, and wondered, What is Buffy doing these days? Well she’s doing what every truly mature elder does; she’s using her powers to support the wise development of her people, which then naturally aids and supports our Earth Mother, for we are all Her people. Happy Earth Day!   The song is alchemical in nature, natch! The wind is, of course, one aspect of air element. Sainte Marie’s a warrior; she knows well the masculine elements of fire and wind. The cleverness and sheer word power of her songs would be one air element power. She is outthinking the opposition; she is removing the conditioned covering, the veil, from folks’ eyes. Look at her go! I want to be like her when I grow up. Actually I am not the activist warrior type. What I love best about this song (aside from the alchemical references) is that it...

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Taliesin’s Advice For Depression and Welsh Sounds Really Cool

The British Isles are so full of magical lore there are lots of folks using up their whole lives exploring it. I assume. Being a professional dilettante, I have only low, low amateur status in the field. I spent my adolescence pretty taken with the Arthurian legends; typical for my demographic this began with reading Mists of Avalon  by Marion Zimmer Bradley. There was a serious paucity of such fantasy in my youth, compared with now! Not complaining or anything. We had other stuff. Amateur that I am, and ignorant American to boot, here’s the word on the street; the Welsh maintained their bardic tradition tooth and nail longer and stronger than their neighbors. Yes, there were actual competitions back in the day. The boundaries of the countries have changed over and over again in the last 2,000 years, more or less. And again, I’m anything but expert. As with anything worth knowing, it’s complicated; here’s a link to the Wiki article on bardic history. The fili or bard was your local storyteller, cosmic court advisor, poet, composer, shaman, healer, and musician, depending on all the variables. Taliesin the uberfamous poet and bard goes back to the 6th century. He was not Welsh, so it is said; however, his work survives in the Middle Welsh Book of Taliesin. Maybe my favorite thing about the alchemical stories I love to interpret...

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Dudes Can Wear Glass Shoes, Too: The Thirteenth Son

That’s right, people. Glass shoes are not for sissies, either! Actually the glass slipper thing in Cinderella is from Perrault’s version, and I use the Grimms’ telling, which uses golden shoes. However, there is good cause for people to get some glass shoes if they’re looking for enlightenment. And here is proof: A glass shoe church in Taiwan! Wonder if there is a mythic reference there? One would assume so. Is the church underground? Or is it really just a shoe shrine? Haha- get it- shoe shine…Anyhoos… funny funny stuff The guy with glass boots I’m talking about is starring in The Thirteenth Son of the King of Erin (click here for link to online version). It’s a rather lovely Irish alchemical or “enlightenment” tale. A king sees a mother swan and 13 cygnets swimming, the mother pushing the one swan away from the group. A seer tells the king it’s a sign for him to do the same with his sons. So the last son gets the door shut in his face when the 13 come home for the night. He goes forth to wander the road, and ends up saving a princess from being devoured by a sea serpent. Of course he accomplishes this by tasks which are alchemically ordered, i.e. largely referring to developing mastery of the 4 elements. Water is, of course, dominant in the story, and...

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Songs of Destiny: We Traveled So Far and 2 more

I blogged a little blog about destiny last week… isn’t there a song about that? Probably not. [smiley face] Anyway, the Destiny theme continues. Latest focus is stimulated by listening to an album I purchased of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s: The Age of Miracles. Nice title, huh? The song I’m referring to is We Traveled So Far. It talks about one great reason to press on with the whole destiny-finding-and-fulfilling thang; every moment in time is preceded by a very long set up, particularly if you include the whole idea of human history and family history and reincarnations and etc. This matter was expressed in one of my favorite scenes in the Wrinkle in Time film, when Mrs. Whatsit takes Meg’s face in her hands on the stone bridge and tells her to consider the countless choices and actions (and whatever else, I don’t know the exact quote) that led to her being born exactly as she is. Chapin’s song puts it a bit differently, but the message is generally the same; to feel the love and depth of a human life, and in that to know that who we are and what we do DOES matter: It’s worth it all learning at last The future begins with the past Step out of the shadow it casts And let the sun shine on your shoes Kick ’em off in the rain...

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Vienna Teng’s Landsailor: Alchemical Love Song Supreme

In the first post on this blog, I talked about Vienna Teng’s album Aims as my latest favorite, due to its being pretty wise and enlightening stuff. I’ve been a fan of Teng’s for years; learned a few of her songs, Shine and Lullaby for a Stormy Night are still in my repertoire. But Landsailor totally kicks my symbolist butt, its metaphor as thick as any alchemical tale I’ve encountered. What is a landsailor, anyway? Let’s start with the alchemical principle, that the whole or healed or wise human is one who has understood and merged all 4 elements within themselves. I use 4 elements, anyway. Earth and water are feminine, fire and air are masculine. Usually this alchemical development towards wholeness involves understanding and integrating an element that you grew up thinking was assigned to the opposite gender. So women are usually challenged to understand and open up to fire and air, and men are challenged as far as water and earth. When we do this alchemical work, our wisdom-consciousness-enlightenment factor raises. And, probably very important in the case of an artist of Teng’s intensity, we channel lots of creative force when we are alchemically balanced. We have all 4 elements working for us. This work is natural, more or less. It’s part of what’s happening with menopause and andropause, for example. Next, a disclaimer: Though it seems Vienna Teng’s...

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